Monika Zemánková


Make the first step and get into your life form

I will help you find the right way to regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

I focus on healthy lifestyle, exercise, positive thinking, and overall mental balance. In life we can change anything we want. The most important thing is to do the first step and begin. As a certified personal fitness trainer, I am going to help you to do this first step.

Online services

What do I offer?

Training plan

Would you like to lose weight, gain muscles, or just simply stay in shape? Our programme will be created according to your personal goals. The online programme can be adjusted to gym or home setting with a detailed description of each exercise.

Designing diet

Do you need help with the right food choices so you can live healthy but at the same time, enjoy the food? The diet plan is designed from food that you love and is accessible.

Workout/training & tailored diet

In this complex package I will plan out all workouts and suitable food for beginners as well as intermediate clients.

Individual training online

Would you like to exercise but your training buddy is nowhere to be found? Or you just don’t have time to hit the gym? If so, this is the service for you. This workout is one on one and online.

What do I offer?

Offline services

What do I offer?

Personal training

We will exercise together at the gym or in the park. I will teach you the correct technique, help to boost your exercise motivation, monitor your results and mainly, I will be your support. Only available in Sydney.

What do I offer?

Hi, my name is Monika!


I am dedicated to personal and online training, group exercise and nutrition.

I studied Fitness and personal training in Australia and then started to work as a personal trainer. In addition, I participated in Bikini Fitness competition in 2020 here in Sydney.

Few years ago, I found my way to health and wellness. Now, I help people to find their own path in healthy lifestyle. My biggest priority is that my clients feel comfortable and healthy in their skin, both at the same time.