Monika Zemánková

I focus on personal and online training, group exercise and nutrition.

My story

How did it all begin?

I got into fitness as a teenager while visiting the gym and circle trainings with my high school classmates. At that time, I didn’t know that it is crucial to set up goals. To be able to reach them, it is also necessary to adjust diet.

Experience taught me…

All the above resulted in eating disorder, from starving to overeating. I was able to solve all my problems, fix and find my way of maintaining healthy body and mind. This is the reason why I decided to help people who have similar problems.

My story

Education in fitness

  I live in Sydney from November 2017 where I was able to turn my fitness passion into my profession. Personal training is my living. I studied Certificates III. and IV. in Fitness and started to work as a personal trainer. Fitness is my passion, I love yoga, healthy lifestyle, atmosphere of group exercise. I also love to motivate people and enjoy the path of becoming a better self.

Bikini Fitness, Sydney

  I love challenges so I decided to participate in Bikini Fitness competition last year. My only goal was to gain experience, mainly with hard training and nutrition. I wanted to see how my body will react and set up macronutrients correctly. This challenge was primarily mental and I don’t want to go this path. The competition gave me experience for life and it only confirmed that finding balance in diet and exercise, without withholding food, is the most important factor.

You can do it as well…

Strong will and stepping outside your comfort zone are making us stronger. Don’t give up and follow your dreams. I made my dream come true and now I help people to find balance in life.

Are you ready to make the first step and feel good?