Tailored diet

To stay in shape, balanced diet is the key.

Why should you choose tailored diet?

You will create long-term healthy habits.
Thanks to balanced diet you will increase your energy.
The diet will be built from your favourite foods.
I work with accessible ingredients.
I will help you build positive relationship with food.


This diet is made from available, common ingredients and food. I choose recipes that are easy to make, and each portion has more variants. You will never eat something you don’t like.

This diet plan also includes tips how to maintain healthy lifestyle and keep new habits. Each meal weights certain grams according to your goals and programme. I will also teach you how to choose in a restaurant without having doubts.


The plan is delivered in PDF format where you can find all the meals divided according to your days. The whole diet is planned for four weeks, and you can combine meals however you like.

How does it work?

Step 1


In this questionnaire I find out basic information about your eating habits, favourite foods, food allergies or any other restrictions.

Step 2


During our first consultation, online or personally, we will check all answers and add information if necessary.

Step 3


You will get your diet plan in 5 days after obtaining all information.

How does it work?

What do the others say about tailored diet?

Amazing cooperation, communication, and huge support. Many thanks again. Thanks to Monika I was able to get in shape and finally feel better in my body. She helped me understand perception of food. If I needed to modify exercise or food, Monika was always helpful and gave advice. Monika is always willing to explain and demonstrate. Thanks again!

– Blanka

Are you ready to start eating healthy?