Personal training

Get in shape and learn the correct technique

What are the advantages of personal training?

Exercises that fit your needs
Motivation to exercise
Individual approach and support
Monitoring and comparing results
Correct exercise technique


Do you feel demotivated and don’t know where to start? If so, this service is the right for you! I approach each client individually according to body composition and health condition. I am here for you whatever your goal is! This service is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate clients.


The only things you need are comfortable sports clothes and motivation to move forward. All personal sessions are available only in Sydney. We can exercise at the park or gym. You choose!

How does it work?

Step 1

QUESTIONNAIRE In this questionnaire I find out basic information about your health, limits, restrictions, habits, and other aspects of your health.

Step 2

CONSULTATION Before we will exercise together, we are going to meet and talk in detail.

Step 3

TRAINING Let’s go! In this step I already know your goals and visions. I prepared our training programme which we are going to follow during our personal sessions.

How does it work?

What do others say about training with me?

I absolutely love to train with Monika! Her sessions are always fun, she modifies all exercises, so they fit needs of everyone – such as beginners who are new in strength training. Every workout is a challenge, but Monika modifies exercises, so they are achievable and beginner friendly. I can’t recommend highly enough! – Erin

Are you ready to get in shape with me?